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 Types of Stylish Modular Kitchen Shutters

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PostSubject: Types of Stylish Modular Kitchen Shutters   Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:43 pm

Sleek kitchen provide durable and quality Modular Kitchen Appliances including all types of stylish kitchen shutters like laminate, membrane, veneer shutters and many other kitchen accessories.

Kitchen plays important role in our life, which suits our lifestyle and matches to the contemporary kitchen ambience. With the advanced kitchen accessories and appliances, the kitchen shutters become a part of the modular kitchen designing.

The scintillating and elegant kitchen shutters work wonders in enhancing the modular kitchen look. The different types of kitchen shutters play an important role in the kitchen that suits your lifestyle and matches to the contemporary kitchen ambience. With the advanced kitchen accessories and appliances, the shutters become a part of the modula1r kitchen designing.

Styles of Modular Kitchen Shutters

Laminate Shutter - Laminated shutters are with lamination on particle board or plywood. The shutter will have an aluminum/steel beading profiles or PVC edge bands on all four sides giving a very trendy and modern look. It comes in Matt (plain and wood grain), Glossy (Reflection), Textured (Embossed). You can choose from many colours and different textures. It is a very basic and economical material in all the kitchen shutter range.

Membrane Shutter - Membrane shutters have PVC foil pressed on MDF board. The finishing of this shutter is precise and smooth. These shutters are comparatively thin and are flexible too. It perfectly bends at the edges, leaving no corner joints which helps in enhancing the look of the complete kitchen. You can opt for your desirable carvings as it is possible in this type of shutter. They come in various colors and textures, giving you the privilege to choose from them.

Veneer Shutters - Veneer shutters refer to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm that are pressed on Plywood, MDF and Marine ply giving the desirable wood finish. Veneers Shutter is well polished to portray the wood effect. For wood lovers having a selected budget can save the cost of your kitchen shutters by opting for veneer shutter. It is the perfect substitute for wood.

PU Paint - The shutters are painted with Polyurethane paint which provides a hard, durable gloss for crafts and model making and can be applied to almost any surface. They are fully water-proof and long lasting. You can choose from a simple spray method to an extremely durable and high-gloss finished coating. It works on MDF and Marine Ply. You can select from a countless numbers of shades to suit your modular kitchen look.

Solid wood Shutters - Solid wooden shutters offer a fantastic solution if you are looking for the more traditional kitchen ambience. It is for the ones who believe in nature and are close to the natural look concept. These shutters can be moldable and are ideal for finely crafted designs giving a royal kitchen style and look. It is the costliest of all the shutters available.
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Types of Stylish Modular Kitchen Shutters
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