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 Stylize Your Modular Kitchen, the Sleek International Way

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Stylize Your Modular Kitchen, the Sleek International Way Empty
PostSubject: Stylize Your Modular Kitchen, the Sleek International Way   Stylize Your Modular Kitchen, the Sleek International Way Icon_minitimeFri Apr 26, 2013 7:29 pm

Sleek International brings the best cooking experience in your own Modular Kitchen. Discover a place of your own with our Modular Kitchen Appliances where cooking is more of a pleasure than a duty. Laughing Laughing

Todayís mantra is working the easy way out. The modern laptops, mobiles have made life simpler and easy going. The attitude of working with a smarter approach in this competitive world has grown rapidly. When you work smart, why donít you cook smart? Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist brings high-end modular kitchen, appliances, convenient as well as advanced in services offered towards you.

Sleek International has an unmatched comparison when compared with other brands that are manufacturer of modular kitchens. Founded in 1993 Sleek International is a pioneer in marketing modular kitchens and accessories in India. Sleek is the leader in wire accessories in India. Its new sturdy wire accessories are strong enough to withstand a load capacity of upto 150 kgs. Today they are a leading player in supplying complete modular kitchens and their components i.e. sinks, hardware, shutters and various appliances in the country.

We have each and every kitchen is well planned as per Ergonomics. The designs for modular kitchen is well considered using Work Triangle, which is a scientific design technique that calls for easy movement between the 3 focal points of your kitchen; the sink, refrigerator and the hob. This law forms the base of every sleek modular kitchen and also helps in the designs for modular kitchen which gains ease of accessibility and faster cooking experience.

When it comes to storage, the Kitchen Specialist creates innovative spaces with new-age designs. The accessories too are designed in such a way that it plays an important role in the design for the kitchen. These expert designs not only double your storage, but also enhances your individual cooking style. Creative corner units, compact larder units, wooden partages for methodical storage, and innovations like the under sink unit accompanied with dustbins and a detergent pull out. We are created smart storage solutions transform your modular kitchen into a super-efficient space.

Modular Kitchen appliances are too in vogue. The added benefit of the Specialist Kitchen is its modern day kitchen appliances that create comfort and excitement in the modular kitchen. The high-tech elegance in the Specialist refines your all-time cooking experience. We serve all the comfort and necessities changing the scenario of daily routine cooking to something more valuable and time-saving. Stylish ovens, sleek are chimneys and hobs from two-burners to five-burners, automatic ignition and Italian saber burners. They keep your kitchen fresh and breathe-easy. Every kitchen appliance comes with the sleek international mark of quality and assurance that ensures years of hassle-free performance.

The beauty and aura of your sleek modular kitchen sets your mood every day. And that is why The Kitchen Specialist offers a scintillating range of shutters for a bright and happy modular kitchen. To add to your fancy, Sleek offers a fabulous range of 800 shutters to spoil you for choice.

In all, Sleek International brings the best cooking experience in your very own kitchen. Also you can preserve your civil kitchen and add and customize the design for modular kitchen. Modular kitchen space management solutions can utilize problem areas like corners and create 30% more storage than civil kitchens. Home makers demand a good planned design for modular kitchen that is well adapted to their civil kitchen area utilizing every available space and at the same time giving a clutter free and spacious design for a modular kitchen. Discover a place of your own with the Specialist Kitchen where cooking is more of a pleasure than a duty. A smart consumerís choice is always a Smart Specialist Kitchen!

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Stylize Your Modular Kitchen, the Sleek International Way
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