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 Choose your kitchen appliances at sleek world

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PostSubject: Choose your kitchen appliances at sleek world   Choose your kitchen appliances at sleek world Icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 9:54 pm

Finding the right type of modular kitchen for your space will ensure that becomes a simple task for years to come.

The modern kitchen is a tech-savvy modular kitchen with appliances that have taken the art of cooking to a new level. Built-in hobs, chimneys, Kitchen ovens, cooking ranges, induction cookers, and there are more. But before you jump headlong and make huge purchases, it is better to know if the modern kitchen appliances will really suit your best, to avoid disappointment.

Bake, roast, cook, do whatever you want to with your kitchen appliances. A boon for working women, it gives all the functional convenience related to cooking on a busy morning. So be it cooking for the family or quick snack in the evening, built-in appliances adds comfort to your cuisine. Flexibility coupled with features makes it a must-have modular kitchen appliance. Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist with its modern day appliances and accessories create comfort and excitement in the kitchen. These modern and stylish appliances in your modular kitchen will create a needed contemporary yet a modern cutting-edge look.

Not to forget the traditional stove that has given way to modern-day hobs in SS or toughened glass. From two-burners to five-burners, with enameled pan stands, front control panels to automatic ignition and Italian Sabaf burners. Check out the entire range and their features before you choose any. There are various types of cooktops, one can choose from the traditional stainless steel free-standing hobs, seamless built-in cooktops that blend well with the kitchen counter to induction cooktops that stay cooler than any other conventional cooktops.

Sleek’s stylish Kitchen ovens are equipped with functions like baking, steaming, rotisserie and grill. Sleek’s chimneys have lowest noise levels, high suction capacity and push button control. They keep your kitchen fresh and breathe-easy. Get rid of old noisy kitchen appliances that rust and snatch your money when they stop working. Everything can be in your budget if you plan and organize. Analyze your daily routine and make a list of what is actually needed. Utilize your kitchen space with beautiful modular kitchen appliances.

With the amount of oily vapour and grease thrown up with the constant tadkas, frying and simmering curries, the chimney comes as a boon. The chimney can easily be the most important invention for an Indian modular kitchen. Not only does it remove smoke and odour from your kitchen, making it more habitable, but also saves your precious walls, and your eyes and skin from damage.

There are basically two types of kitchen chimneys – traditional and designer. The traditional chimneys are simple but high-utility chimneys which excellent suction capacities. While the designer chimneys they have classy designs along with the utility aspect to their advantage.

Check out our range of dishwashers too and you can say goodbye to after-dinner arguments about whose turn it is to scrub the plates! We also have a dishwasher with a door panel that matches the cabinetry in

your modular kitchen; people might not realize you have one at all. Finding the right type of dishwasher for your space will ensure that washing dishes becomes a simple task for years to come. Dishwashers are so common that most kitchen designers normally provide a niche for one in their kitchens designs.

When it comes to storage, the Kitchen Specialist creates innovative spaces with new-age designs. The Kitchen and accessories too are designed in such a way that it plays an important role in the kitchen. These expert designs not only double your storage, but also enhances your individual cooking style. Creative corner units, compact larder units, wooden partages for methodical storage, and innovations like the under sink unit accompanied with dustbins and a detergent pull out. Sleek's smart storage solutions transform your modular kitchen into a super-efficient space.

Why wait and watch when the guide The Kitchen Specialist is here to let you choose with great value for money.

For more information Please fill this Modular kitchens

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Choose your kitchen appliances at sleek world
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