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 China tour

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PostSubject: China tour   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:10 pm

In June 2007, my wife, Lilia, and I came to visit China. We arrived in Beijing, travelled to Xi’an, Shanghai, Guilin and left from Hong Kong. My name is Victor. Michelle was our local guide when we were in Beijing. I lost my hearing when I was a small boy, so I could only communicate with others by sign language. I could hear some but barely. When we were resting in the Starbucks of Forbidden City, I took my hearing aids off, and after a while of relaxing we went on touring. At lunch time I found one of his hearing aids was lost. I was too depressed to keep touring anymore for I couldn’t enjoy anything in complete silence, and I was really mad about it. Michelle talked to the driver and decided to take us to relax in a café for now. She called 114 and got the number of that Starbucks we were at earlier. The Staff told her they didn’t see it. Then she called the customer center of the Forbidden City and told them to broadcast this information for help. But the people at the broadcast center said they couldn’t do this. So she told them: “Please ask cleaners there to look for it when they collected the garbage.” She knew she might be doing this for nothing, but she did not give up.

The next stop was the Summer Palace, but I was still very upset. Michelle was trying to make us feel better, but it did work at all. I was too upset to enjoy the tour. She got a phone and cheered up. I was so excited when I heard of the news that they found my hearing aid. I didn’t expect I could get it back at all. We went straight back to the Forbidden City customer center after the visit in Summer Palace. Michelle went to the police station of Forbidden City and got the hearing aid back, but a small part was broken. The next day she and driver took the hearing aid to a hearing aid center and fixed it. Lilia and I were so grateful for what she did for us. We could not show enough gratitude for her and her travel agency, yeschinatour. After we went back to Portugal, we kept in touch with Michelle and our travel consultant of yeschinatour. In the last year, we came back to China and asked yeschinatour to arrange our tour again. We met our great Michelle in Beijing again. We loved travelling in China because the travel agency helped us customize a tour with considerate service, affordable price and our lovely Michelle.
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China tour
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