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 Car accident in China tour

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PostSubject: Car accident in China tour   Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:19 pm

9 friends of mine and I came to China in April 2008. An agency called Yeschinatour helped us with our tour. We went to Shanghai first, then Suzhou, Hangzhou. It took us more than 10 hours to get to this country by air. I felt really tired until I saw our tour guides Michael and Linda. We were a very special team: all-girl team and all above 60 years old. And plus Linda, we got 11 ladies in the team. Linda liked to call us “girls”. I liked that. It made us all feel we were still in our 20s.

We were singing the whole trip on the bus from Shanghai to Hangzhou. But the joy didn’t last long. A car hit our bus and the driver of the car came out of his car and started yelling at us. Linda called the police who soon came over, which we didn’t really expect. After some talking, the policeman said we were all responsible for this and our bus driver was willing to give the car driver some money to end this. But the car driver wouldn’t accept any apology. We were all pissed at the car driver. We testified for our driver and told Linda to translate for us. The policeman actually could speak good English. He listened to us and solved this mess. We went on with our trip to Hangzhou and singing started to fill in the bus again. The whole trip with Linda was joyful. Thanks to yeschinatour and our lovely guide Linda and our great bus driver who provided us with considerate service.
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Car accident in China tour
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