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 SEO to make you rich !

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PostSubject: SEO to make you rich !   Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:48 am

Hello there, friend!

I've got a few questions for you,

  • Are the keywords that you use in doing all your
    business practices on the internet helping you
    reach your targeted market right now?
  • Do you apply search engine optimization (SEO)
    to put your website on top of Google, Yahoo,
    MSN, etc. search results?
  • What about those people who are using the major
    search engines but still don't get too many useful
    search results to the solution of their problems but
    rely solely on the internet to hopefully find what
    they are looking for, are you helping these people
    find you?
  • Are you opposed to the idea of finding these people
    instead, because they might be a small market that
    possesses the real solid buying power to make you

If you answered "NO" to any, or all of my questions
to you, I highly recommend for you to use Wordtracker
to help you realize your fullest potential in any online
business that you are presently running or any business
that you might be getting into after reading this ad.

Wordtracker is the best SEO tool that you'll ever need
to succeed.

The good news is, a free trial for Wordtracker is avai-
lable, so if I were you, I wouldn't wait another minute
to start test driving this tool.

How It works? It's easy! You just type a word or group
of words associated with your business, which
Wordtracker will run through its system to bring you
back words that are closely related to what you've

Now, these words aren't just any relative words, these
words belong to over 300 million keywords and phrases
that people have actually used during the previous 90
days. There is no guessing.

But, it doesn't end there, you will be asked to pick
one from the new list which includes yours and you
will be presented with statistics showing, how many
have used your keyword, how many will use it again
the next day and how many responses it gets.

Then, finally, you'll be allowed to choose from the
latter list as many as you want and Wordtracker tells
you which one of these keywords your competition
doesn't know about.

Therefore, you'll get higher listings with major search
engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL !

It's very much free, you can use it for two(2) long
hours for the free trial I'm giving you notice about.
So, please go ahead, don't hesitate to start to have
success in your life.

Be successful,

Joseph Paulino
Manila, Philippines


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SEO to make you rich !
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